Dean Benson

"The Dean of Rock & Roll"

Classic Rock In Session Noon to 3 PM

Yeah, not an actually photo of Dean from his youth.

About Dean

Did we say that Dean loves Rock & Roll? You bet he does! He brings that passion to our Classic Rock station, The Rock of Arizona, on SKY 7 every day from Noon to 3pm. (That’s the stare he gives to his kids.) Along with the most awesome classic rock variety in the Valley, you get those famous Deanism’s his fans have come to love. You never know what he’s going to say or what it’s going to be about. Dean is part music fan, part radio guy and part comedian. He’s also an avid reader and used to be a pretty good bowler. Catch him every day at Noon on The Rock of Arizona!

Deanism #27

Music, Family & Cars

Originally from St. Louis, Dean spent his first 33 years listening to cool radio stations KSHE, KADI and KIRL. That’s when he first heard SKY 7’s Mike Lamb (aka Shotgun Mark Rivers) from back in the day listening to KIRL. He moved to Phoenix in ’92 following his wife Shelly to a new job in the Valley. They have two daughters, Rachel and Sarah. Dean’s been a huge car buff from his early days on the planet. He’s kind of an old car freak, especially his love for old Cadillacs as you can see below.

SKY 7's Dean Benson Kicks Off Your Afternoons from Noon to 3 on The Rock of Arizona!