Tim Larson

"Things To Think About"

About Tim

When you listen to Tim Larson you can’t help thinking this is a guy I’d like to get to know a little more. He’s a down-to earth, no nonsense guy who’s authentic as the day is long. You can hear Tim middays on our Awesome Variety channel from 10 to 3 following the SKY 7 Morning Show. Tim is semi-retired business owner who spent 27 years in the promotional products industry. He’s an outdoor guy, loves to travel, loves nature and wildlife, and is an incredible photographer. He’s also an avid Cubs fan and an author. Tim is married to Sandy and they have a son, Erik, who is attending Ball State University. As Erik Daylin, he is following in his Dad’s footsteps  and is also a SKY 7 personality on the weekends from Noon to 3. 

There's so much more to life and if you "think about it" you can live it!

Every day Tim gives you “Things to Think About.” It’s a popular feature on Tim’s show that’s been turned into a great little book by the same name. It’s a thought-provoking  book that really makes you think. It’s makes a great gift. Click here to get it.

Tim's Publishing Company is named for the family dog, Maya

The Saga of Tim & Mike

It was Auburn High School prom night 1977 in Rockford, Illinois. I was dating a senior so I had all of my own senior year yet to play out. Shotgun Mark Rivers (now SKY 7’s Mike Lamb) and Don Geronimo from WROK radio were the DJ’s for the evening.

As the night progressed, I casually asked Mark Rivers if he would be interested in helping me with the high school radio station next year. Without hesitation he not only said “Yes!”, but also volunteered to talk to WROK’s owner Verne Nolte about donating anything that would help. Two weeks later the balls were in motion. We quickly moved many boxes of toilet paper from a storage room adjacent to the cafeteria to make room for our equipment and transmitter. We sold advertising to Geri’s Hamburgers, picked up the reel-to-reel commercial tape from the ad agency and WROK recorded it onto a studio cart to play. We printed t-shirts from a company two doors from where we bought 45 size records for our giant turntables. It was absolutely thrilling! 

Our work at WARQ high school radio earned the attention of the Rockford Register Star newspaper resulting in a sizable story and large photo. The owner of a local station WLUV, Joe Salvi, read about me and five weeks later I was the announcer for the afternoon shift on his Country station. My last class ended at 2:35pm and I was on-the-air at 3:00pm Monday through Friday. Over the years I would stop by and see Joe just to chat. At 97 years old, he was still active and doing the morning show. I’m sad to say that Joe passed away on January 28th, 2020 at the age of 98.

Throughout college at Northern Illinois University, I worked for WKDI at NIU, WROK in Rockford and WFRL/WXXQ in Freeport. I then moved to Charleston, West Virginia at WKAZ/WQBE & WVSR. 

Mike Lamb (Shotgun Mark Rivers) and I somehow reconnected in 1983 when he was at B-94 FM (WBZZ) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I received the dollar tour of the Steel City and we talked about how great radio was to us over the last few years. 

The highlights for my career surrounded those I had interviewed… Barbara Mandrell, Charley Pride, Duran Duran, Paul Harvey, Dave and Sugar, Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius, Don Williams, Rex Allen, Jr., Johnny Duncan and Janie Fricke. My goal was to be respectful and ask questions that hadn’t been asked hundreds of times before. For instance, Charley Pride and I mostly talked baseball. He once played for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Fast forward 30 years. 1440 WROK was in the planning stages of their 90th Anniversary party. A half dozen locals were called in to help track down past employees for an invitation. When someone announced they found Shotgun Mark Rivers I flipped. Turns out he lived ten minutes from my sister in the Phoenix area. A few months later, we spent the day together and picked up where we left off. It was 2013 and he mapped out how he envisioned the creating of a digital radio station with multiple channels.

Mike and I kept in touch over the years and when spring training with the Chicago Cubs took me back to Mesa in 2018, we met up again. SKY 7 Phoenix was now a reality almost to every detail Mike described to me. Shortly after, he invited me to become part of the personality line up on the SKY 7’s Variety Channel. Two weeks later we were a radio team again and I’ve been on SKY 7 in Phoenix ever since.

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