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Laurie by the bridge by the City by the Bay. Sounds like a song lyric, huh?

If you ask Laurie Sanders who she is, she’ll tell you, “I’m the girl next door, the companion, that someone you can always count on to be here. I realize that in my own little way I’m still affecting people and being part of their lives.”

That’s why we love having Laurie as part of SKY 7.

Laurie loves horses and has become an experienced rider winning multiple awards.

Laurie with her prize winning mare, Roxy.

As a daughter of Midwestern farmers, Laurie Sanders played clarinet in High School, but when a music scholarship fell through at a State University in Wisconsin, she was destined for radio after studying communications and speech at nearby Ripon College. She discovered the campus radio station, where she was thrown on the air with no training.

As a freshman, she grew comfortable enough literally spinning albums and 45’s that, in 1976, she landed a part- time DJ job on a local Top 40 station, WCWC, earning $5 an hour.

After receiving her BA degree, she immediately was hired by Tomm Rivers at WRKR in Racine, playing Top 40 music (that’s where she first met SKY 7’s Mike Lamb).

In 1979, she hit her first big market, Milwaukee, on WISN-AM, an oldies station that was the Brewers’ baseball flagship station. Then, one day in 1981, she got a call from Dave Denver ~ aka Ric Lippincott, and wound up doing overnights in the Windy City. It was a dream come true to work at the legendary Big 89 – WLS.

She moved to Southern California in 1985 when her then husband got transferred. She applied for radio gig at KOST, the “soft hits” station in Los Angeles, #2 market in the country, where she had some of the highest ratings in the city, playing “Lovesongs on the Coast”.

In 1992, Laurie received a call from a headhunter who connected her with KOIT in San Francisco. She joined that March, taking the 7 p.m. to midnight shift. In 1996, Laurie moved to afternoon drive – 3 to 8 p.m.

She made a name for herself in the City by the Bay, being number one more times in that slot than she can remember. For 12 years, she was ranked #1 – 3, 75% in the Arbitron ratings. Proof positive that people love listening to Laurie.

Laurie Sanders is a beloved radio personality with an impressive legacy, having graced the airwaves of some of America's best radio stations. Her infectious sense of humor and penchant for making people laugh add an extra layer of charm to her show.

You can catch Laurie's delightful presence on SKY 7 Awesome Variety, brightening up your weekdays from 3 PM to 7 PM Pacific time, ensuring your day is filled with joy and captivating variety.

Laurie Sanders Plays Awesome Variety
Weekday Afternoons 3 to 7 Pacific Time

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